Many of South Africa’s most successful films and documentaries are finished here, including the 2006 Academy award winner for best foreign film – Tsosti. Post-production, DI, VFX and sound to the big screen and small screen with international deliveries …we have walked these roads many a time.
For television series (drama, reality), we will design an innovative solution and manage the process from set to final stations TX and on-boarding anywhere in the world. Our infrastructure is well suited to manage high-volume reality style television shows, with tight delivery schedules, everything in-between to high-end 4K television.
  • VFX

    We offer a variety of services ranging from realistic CG animals and green screen composites to wire removals, enhancements, set extensions, matte painting all seamlessly integrated into live action. Refinery manages the entire VFX pipe-line, from script break-down, consultation in pre-production ensuring creative delivery of the director’s vision, on-set supervision to final delivery.

  • DIT & Dailies

    DIT & data wrangling: On-set colour timed dailies, mobile or lab solutions, media management clearance, back-ups, transcoding of all camera formats, editorial delivery, preview sites and high speed uploads. Our data lab operates 24 hours and has extensive experience on intricate workflows.

  • Sound

    Featuring full Protools HD suites, extensive sound effects and music libraries, an all-star roster of award winning mixers, sound designers & editors. Services include a complete sound solution for films, television commercials, radio production 5.1 mixing, and ISDN and Source Connect for international ADR.

  • Offline, Online & Grading

    Workflow customization and optimal efficiencies are key in planning your DI. We utilize the latest version of Avid, Final Cut Pro & Premiere offline editing systems with shared storage solutions delivering to both Baselight or Resolve grading systems.

  • Mastering & Deliveries

    We work closely with distributors and sales agents and ensure films meet international theatrical and broadcast delivery specifications. Whether you require digital files, 4K UHD, 2K, HD, SD, PAL or NTSC, we assure a quality product that will achieve a QC pass.