One of our biggest services we offer at Refinery are our DIT, on set dailies and laboratory processing  for your camera footage. We offer on-set or post processed dailies and mobile solutions, media management & rushes clearance, back-ups, transcoding of all camera formats, editorial delivery, preview sites and high speed uploads. Our data lab operates on a 24-hour basis and has extensive experience on intricate workflows from servicing a number of studio productions namely; Fox, Sony, Warner Bros, Left Bank Pictures, Universal, NBC to mention a few. In addition to this our data wrangling services offered in house allow us to map data from “raw” format to other formats that make the data appropriate for downstream purposes. Our premier production studio ensures this is performed on all data files to ensure efficient transfer of files. As South Africa is a popular shooting location for international films, we have had the privilege of working with a number of international studios from London to LA, Sydney to Toronto.
Our media management team ensures that we communicate with editors as well as DI and VFX houses across the globe regularly. Security of content is taken very seriously and we have comprehensive protocols in place to protect the IP of our clients. Our facility has undergone extensive Marvel/ABC Disney and Warner Bros. Universal & Paramount Studio security audits. We supply LTO verified backups, QC, colour timed or LUT applied dailies, edit files, bin prep and logging. Uploaded to any number of dailies viewing systems including PIX, Webgate Dailies, A-Frame Dailies & Encodi. 100 – 500 meg. 1:1 uncontended up-scalable line. Aspera and Signiant – Web based HTTPS – Hot folders to secure servers in the U.S.A. as well as the U.K. Our rushes solutions provide seamless integration into the edit and hassle-free workflows for a streamlined conform and on-line process. Workflows are created and customized per project.
  • VFX

    Wire Removal
    Set Extensions
    Matte Painting
    Green Screen Composites
    VFX Pipeline Management
    On Set Supervision

  • DIT & Dailies

    Onset Colour Timed Dailies
    Mobile or Lab solutions
    Media Management
    Clearance Backups
    Preview Sites
    High Speed Uploads
    Intricate Workflow Experience

  • Sound

    Award Winning Mixers and Sound Designers
    Complete Sound Solutions
    Full Protools HD Suites
    Sound Effects / Music Library
    5.1 mixing
    ISDN & Source Connect
    International ADR

  • Offline, Online & Grading

    Workflow Customization
    Latest Software Versions
    AVID, Final Cut Pro, Premier
    Shared Storage Solutions
    Piping to Baselight
    Resolve Grading Suites

  • Mastering & Deliveries

    Ensure International
    Delivery Specs
    All Formats
    Ensure QC Pass
    Close Collaboration with
    Distributors / Sales Agents