We utilize the latest version of Avid, Final Cut Pro & Premiere offline editing systems with shared storage. Cutting rooms are custom configured to individual requirements. Optimal throughput to the systems for maximum efficiency and ease of use is employed. Hardware is fully spec’d delivering the horse power needed to keep up with today’s editing geniuses. We like to take care of our editors, with a variety of choice cutting rooms.
Our Filmlight Baselight systems are set up for theatrical and television workflows. All Baselight suites have Truelight certification that guarantees accurate monitoring in correctly balanced colour temperature environments and wall colours. Our rooms are equipped to handle almost all colour space demands, from DCI P3 to REC709. Da Vinci’s Resolve is an equally elegant tool with NLE capabilities, providing the flexibility and accessibility ideal for TV series and documentaries. Whether episodic television, documentary, tvc’s or feature length films our talented colourists will create exactly the look and feel you require.
Mastering for cinema & television deliveries. We work closely with distributors and sales agents and ensure films meet international theatrical and broadcast delivery specifications. Whether you require digital files, 4K UHD, 2K, HD, SD, PAL or NTSC, we assure a quality product that will achieve a QC pass.
  • VFX

    Wire Removal
    Set Extensions
    Matte Painting
    Green Screen Composites
    VFX Pipeline Management
    On Set Supervision

  • DIT & Dailies

    Onset Colour Timed Dailies
    Mobile or Lab solutions
    Media Management
    Clearance Backups
    Preview Sites
    High Speed Uploads
    Intricate Workflow Experience

  • Sound

    Award Winning Mixers and Sound Designers
    Complete Sound Solutions
    Full Protools HD Suites
    Sound Effects / Music Library
    5.1 mixing
    ISDN & Source Connect
    International ADR

  • Offline, Online & Grading

    Workflow Customization
    Latest Software Versions
    AVID, Final Cut Pro, Premier
    Shared Storage Solutions
    Piping to Baselight
    Resolve Grading Suites

  • Mastering & Deliveries

    Ensure International
    Delivery Specs
    All Formats
    Ensure QC Pass
    Close Collaboration with
    Distributors / Sales Agents