Visual effects (VFX)
Refinery offers a variety of services ranging from realistic CG animals and green screen composites to wire removals, matte painting, enhancements and set extensions. Our CGI (computer generated imagery) is of the highest quality to ensure the best post production effects on our work.  All of these are seamlessly integrated into live action. Refinery manages the entire VFX (visual effects) pipe-line. From script break-down, consultation in pre-production, ensuring creative delivery of director’s vision as well as on-set supervision to final delivery. The expectations of visual effects standards in today’s fast paced world places pressure on producers. There is a need to find simple yet effective solutions to often time complex requirements. Solutions that are required that fit a budget and a vision.
With access to some of the latest technology and applying the broad base of talents of our growing team, Refinery ensures that we are a potent creative solutions provider in the visual effects landscape.
We use Cinesync for briefing clients and editorials. VFX (visual effects) shots are managed through F-Track for viewings, progress tracking and approvals allowing for effective communication and review. Refinery has the necessary bandwidth and secure internet connections to efficiently deliver the VFX (visual effects) pipeline.
Refinery has undergone the ABC/Disney Security Audit for security reasons to ensure correct equipment, processes and procedures are in place to protect client’s IP. Our Show reels reflect some of our more recent work with studios such as Disney and Sony. With the DTI’s South African Foreign Film Production and Post-Production rebate, completing VFX (visual effects) in SA, comes with added incentive. We use the likes of Flame, Nuke, Adobe After Effects, Smoke, Maya 3D as well as various additional plug-in tools depending on specific requirements. Visual effects South Africa is integral in our work and we strive to ensure we meet this standard.
  • VFX

    Wire Removal
    Set Extensions
    Matte Painting
    Green Screen Composites
    VFX Pipeline Management
    On Set Supervision

  • DIT & Dailies

    Onset Colour Timed Dailies
    Mobile or Lab solutions
    Media Management
    Clearance Backups
    Preview Sites
    High Speed Uploads
    Intricate Workflow Experience

  • Sound

    Award Winning Mixers and Sound Designers
    Complete Sound Solutions
    Full Protools HD Suites
    Sound Effects / Music Library
    5.1 mixing
    ISDN & Source Connect
    International ADR

  • Offline, Online & Grading

    Workflow Customization
    Latest Software Versions
    AVID, Final Cut Pro, Premier
    Shared Storage Solutions
    Piping to Baselight
    Resolve Grading Suites

  • Mastering & Deliveries

    Ensure International
    Delivery Specs
    All Formats
    Ensure QC Pass
    Close Collaboration with
    Distributors / Sales Agents